Shenika Carter is Raising Awareness for Racial Justice

September 21, 2020

Shenika Carter

Shenika Carter is an activist, civil rights philanthropist, mother and president of Caravan 4 Racial Justice, an organization whose focus is to educate and empower citizens to take an active interest in their communities and to eliminate social inequality and systemic racism. Shenika’s fight for racial justice includes abolishing the Electoral College and the Senate filibuster — undemocratic systems that elevate white supremacy.

Shenika had her son, Lincoln, just prior to the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012. It was a tragedy that drove Shenika to the mission of calling out police brutality and raising awareness of the killings of Black people in America. She knows firsthand how it is the very institutions of American democracy that prevent people of color from making real change.

Shenika is passionate about building up communities of color and addressing systemic injustices against Black and Brown folks. It is because of this that Shenika is using her voice to elevate the need for democratic reform.

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