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February 8, 2022

Supreme Court ‘Dilutes the Voting Power’ of Black Alabamians by Pausing Lower Court Ruling  

WASHINGTON, D.C. –– Today, the Supreme Court paused a lower court ruling that Alabama must draw new congressional districts before the 2022 elections. The court’s action means the upcoming elections will be conducted under a congressional map that contains one majority-Black district in a state where more than a quarter of the population is Black. The map had been challenged by local groups under the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Rev. Dr. Stephany Spaulding, Spokesperson for Just Democracy, a Black- and Brown-led coalition fighting for structural democracy reform, issued the following statement:

"The ultra-conservative Supreme Court has moved to damage our democracy yet again. By allowing Alabama’s racist gerrymandering scheme to stay in place, they are diluting the voting power of Black Alabamans—and all Americans. The Court today sends a dangerous endorsement that gerrymandering with the obvious purpose of diluting the power of Black votes is an acceptable strategy to subvert our elections. If we do not expand the court, we will continue to see decisions that undermine our voting rights, abortion access, and more.

We would not be in this undemocratic mess if the Court had not struck down Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, or if the Senate had passed the Freedom to Vote Act last month. Our country’s institutions are deeply broken, and we need to pass voting rights legislation and expand the court to protect the rights of all Americans.”

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About Just Democracy

Just Democracy is an intersectional coalition with racial justice at its core — uplifting voices from all walks of American life that are too often left out of the conversation. The coalition is made up of over 40 Black and Brown-led organizations working across issue areas. It mobilizes thousands who know that advancing social and racial justice issues first requires bold structural democracy reform.

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