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August 11, 2021

Just Democracy Reminds Congress and the President that “Failure is Not an Option”on Voting Rights

Black and Brown Organizers Strengthen Call to Eliminate the Jim Crow Filibuster and Urgently Pass Federal Voting Rights Legislation Upon Return from Recess

Washington, D.C. — Early this morning, Senate Republicans blocked a vote on voting rights legislation ahead of the Senate leaving for recess. At the same time, Republicans state legislatures continue introducing hundreds of voter suppression laws around the country that restrict the rights of Black and Brown Americans to vote.

Rev. Dr. Stephany Spaulding, Just Democracy Spokesperson and Founder of Truth and Conciliation, issued the following statement in response:

"The Senate just left for recess without passing legislation to stop the all-out assault on Black and Brown Americans’ voting rights. We need the President to use the full power of his office to compel Congress to act swiftly upon their return to remove the filibuster as a roadblock to voting rights legislation. Asking Black and Brown voters to ‘out-organize’ hundreds of voter suppression laws is simply unacceptable. While the Senate is in recess, we will strengthen our call for leaders to have the heart and courage to do their jobs. We do this work for the long-haul because our rights and lives are on the line.”

Just Democracy will join the Drum Major Institute, National Action Network, March On, SEIU, Future Coalition, 51 for 51 and dozens of other partners for the March On for Voting Rights on Saturday, August 28. Together with these civil rights groups and thousands of voters nationwide, the Just Democracy coalition will march to call on Congress to swiftly eliminate the filibuster and pass national voting rights legislation, including the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Washington D.C. Admissions Act.


About Just Democracy

Just Democracy is an intersectional coalition with racial justice at its core — uplifting voices from all walks of American life that are too often left out of the conversation. The coalition is made up of over 40 Black and Brown-led organizations working across issue areas. It mobilizes thousands who know that advancing social and racial justice issues first requires bold structural democracy reform.

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