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September 28, 2021

ICYMI: Pressure on Sen. Sinema From Arizona Constituents Mounts as Jim Crow Filibuster Threatens Our Democracy

Sen. Sinema at Risk of “Vote of No Confidence” From AZ Democratic Party for Her Filibuster Stance

WASHINGTON, D.C. –– On Sunday, Newsweek published an article revealing that the Arizona State Democratic Party will pledge a vote of no confidence against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema if “she does not vote in favor of filibuster reform, the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill and the American Families Plan.” This follows reporting from The New Republic based on an Accountable.US study detailing Sen. Sinema’s ties to corporate lobbyists who oppose the Democrats’ reconciliation bill and have contributed “at least $923,065” to Sen. Sinema’s campaigns since 2012. 

These reports come amidst mounting pressure from constituents in Arizona for Sen. Sinema to support eliminating the filibuster. Just last night, Republicans filibustered a motion to increase the debt ceiling. The Senate is expected to soon vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, which is also likely to be filibustered — meaning pressure on Sen. Sinema to stand with Arizonans will only continue to grow. 

Channel Powe, a community activist in Arizona and Just Democracy Coalition Member, responded:

“I’m one of Sen. Sinema’s constituents, and we have made our demands loud and clear –– we want her to represent ‘we the people,’ not the interests of corporations and Republicans who are attempting to undercut Black and Brown communities at every turn. Voting rights, reproductive justice, a pathway to citizenship, and a thriving economy all hinge on the elimination of the Jim Crow filibuster. 

These recent reports and the prospect of a no confidence vote highlight what activists in Arizona and across the country have been saying for months: Sen. Sinema has one option, to either step in to save our democracy or allow it to crumble –– history’s eyes will be upon her.”

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